Pro Services

Commercial Brokers that offers substantial specialist Public relation officer (PRO) service,s through efficiently trained professionals. Our company offers trouble-free document clearing and PRO services. Commercial Brokers is a registered and officially-recognized PRO services provider in the United Arab Emirates. To offer fulltime backing we also have a Tasheel Center inside our company; it reduces the time taken, authentication and documents processing.

  • Company Setup
  • Visa and Immigration Services
  • Labor and Employment
  • Document Clearance
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property Services
  • Legal Services
  • Government Liaison
  • Translation and Notarization
  • Commercial Licensing
  • Corporate Sponsorship

PRO services or Public relations officer services refer to paperwork, concerning governmental processing documents, and professional document clearing services. PRO services comprise an expert skill to deal with the whole cycle of methods and paperwork in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). To set up a company or business, UAE is one of the most trader-friendly destinations.

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